Western Australia road trip – the places you can’t miss! Part 1 ☀️

So in September this year, my friend Leah and I decided to do a road trip from Perth in Western Australia, to Darwin which is in the top of the Northern Territory. In total I drove around 6000 kilometres over the space of 2 and a half weeks. I put that into google to see how far that would be from the UK, and it’s like driving from London to the middle of Africa!

We would sometimes be in the car all day, with the travelling days ranging from around 4 hour journeys to 8 and a half! If you’ve ever driven through the outback or rural Australia you will know how boring that can be, however there are some beautiful spots to see along the way so it was all worth it. Consequently we had plenty of time to blast our favourite tunes and get a bit of car-oke going! 🙂

We hired a campervan with Travellers Autobarn (https://www.travellers-autobarn.com.au/) and I would highly recommend using them. We hired the Chubby camper and it had everything we needed for just two people and we also had no trouble with the van or their service.

Western Australia is not hugely popular with backpackers, therefore I’m glad that we did it and I would definitely recommend it to others. As we stopped off in quite a few places I’m going to split this trip into different posts.

First stop, The Pinnacles in Cervantes

Just a couple of hours drive north of Perth and our first stop on our Western Australia trip are The Pinnacles. The Pinnacles are limestone formations in a massive desert, located within the Nambung National Park. You can choose to drive around or take a walk; we opted for the drive and spent about an hour there. The views are great hence you can take some awesome pictures, the place looks like it should be the set of an alien invasion film or something! Furthermore, we stayed at the nearby RAC campsite and it was close by and had everything we needed.

Next stop, Kalbarri 

After a 4-5 hour drive from Cervantes, we arrived in Kalbarri. I think Kalbarri was one of my favourite spots in WA just because of the diversity and the number of things you can do there. Kalbarri has both a town and a national park, and we stayed there for three nights and loved it. There are beautiful beaches with  number of lookout points, and when we were there we could see a Whale playing around in the distance! It’s also a great place to see the sunset. Below is a picture of Natural Bridge from the lookout point.


There’s not much in the town but it’s enough for a little holiday, there are the usual shops like pharmacy, butchers, etc. as well as a few pubs and restaurants. Additionally there is also a bird park and a cinema which would be good for kids.

There are so many beautiful spots to visit within the Kalbarri National Park, the most noteworthy being Natures Window, The Z Bend and The Loop. The last two are gorges around the Murchison River. Be advised that within the national park there a lot of unsealed, bumpy roads, and roads that are really only suitable for 4WD. We ventured out to Nature’s Window and the views of the park were stunning.


Shark Bay and Monkey Mia

After about a 4 hour drive from Kalbarri, we arrived at the small town of Denham in Shark Bay. This was just stop over for us on our way to Monkey Mia so consequently we did not do much. We headed to the pub for a drink looking over the beach, cooked a nice dinner and then watched sunset! We stayed at the Denham Tourist Village which was great and had fantastic views of the ocean and was close by to everything in the small town. Also you could walk to the beach from the  campsite so we did this in the evening. I was playing around with my new camera so here’s some pictures we took!

Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia is a very popular place in Western Australia and attracts a number of tourists everyday. It is a beautiful beach where wild Dolphins swim into a number of times a day to be fed. One lady started feeding one Dolphin around 40 years ago and as a result it has just grown! They do only feed certain Dolphins as not to agitate the species  too much; the Dolphins do come in completely off their own accord. They do come in almost every day of the year, however there are some days where they do not come in at all.

If you want to experience Monkey Mia you have to visit early, due to the fact that the first Dolphins usually arrive around 7am. We got there just after 7am and didn’t have a long wait until we saw them. Members of the crowd are chosen to help give them a feed, and knowledgeable guides give information whilst you’re waiting. The beach is also home to a number of Pelicans they feed as well. Finally, Monkey Mia is pretty far out and there is only one resort (RAC) so plan ahead if you’re visiting.

More places to come in my next post!

Have you ever been to any of these places? Or do you have anywhere else you would recommend visiting in Western Australia? Share your thoughts below.

Thanks for reading.



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