Singapore- My experience of “The Fine City” ??

This is what I got up to during my time in Singapore!

I spent about 6 nights in Singapore, which is quite a lot considering it’s such a small place. I was kind of in limbo as I was awaiting my Australian visa, so I stayed a little longer than I originally planned. Singapore is an amazing city, but it is also referred to as “The Fine City”. You can literally get fined for a number of reasons. Singapore is very strict; chewing gum is banned, jaywalking is illegal, and you can get fined for feeding pigeons. Walking naked in your own home is illegal, bet you didn’t know that!

There’s quite a bit to do in Singapore and it’s such a pretty place! I was solo travelling and unfortunately didn’t meet any other backpackers so I didn’t get up to as much as I would’ve liked. I hope to revisit and do a bit more in the future. One of the main attractions in Singapore is Marina Bay Sands. I did get to visit this but didn’t stay, I hope I’ll get to one day!

Marina Bay Sands is home to a hotel with an amazing roof top infinity pool, a plethora of restaurants, and an amazing shopping mall that you can sail around! You do need to be rich to enjoy Marina Bay Sands to the fullest however don’t let that stop you popping by and taking in the view and the surrounds.


Another great attraction is Gardens by the Bay, which is a park situated in front of Marina Bay Sands. There are loads of attractions and things to do at Gardens by the Bay; one of the main sights is the light and sound show in the evening. This event is really spectacular, and is definitely a must see if you’re in Singapore.  I think there are a couple of different show times in the evening. It’s free, so no excuse not to head down! I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures myself, so here’s one I pulled from Google. Here’s the link .


I did also spend a day at Singapore Zoo, which is another fab attraction in the city. There was a Polar Bear, White Tigers, Elephants, Meerkats, Orangutans and much more. I am not the biggest animal person and not the biggest fan of zoos, but I had heard good things about Singapore Zoo so I thought I would check it out. I travelled around the zoo on a little train, and spent a good few hours there. It was easily accessible from the city as well via bus.

If you like animals I would definitely recommend visiting as there are a huge variety to see. There are shows to watch, and loads of information on offer for you to learn more about all of the different species.

img_3468 img_3488

Singapore is also famous for Sentosa Island, a manmade island accessible via cable car which is host to beautiful beaches, Universal Studios, hotels, golf courses and more! Unfortunately I didn’t go to Sentosa Island. I really wish I had been able to and I hope to go in the future!




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