Rottnest Island – Love My Rotto ❤️

I love Rottnest Island!

Just off the coast of Perth, a 30 minute ferry ride from Fremantle lies the idyllic Rottnest Island. I was lucky enough to live and work here for 6 months and I had an amazing time. Tourists come to cycle around the many beautiful beaches and bays (63 to be exact!) and to take Quokka selfies! Rottnest (or Rotto as its otherwise known by locals) is home to the Quokka and really the only place in the world you’ll find them in the wild. Quokkas are a marsupial and they are always smiling; due to this they are known to be the happiness animal in the world! 🙂


They are so cute and playful!

Rottnest is also amazing for Whale watching, snorkelling, seeing Sea Lions, and is home to a couple of resident Peacocks. Some great snorkelling spots are Salmon Bay , Parakeet Bay and The Basin. Pinky Beach is also beautiful and is close to the main settlement. Furthermore, you can head down to the jetty to catch some rays or even some fish.  Additionally, from the jetty take a look at the view of Perth CBD and the skyline across the ocean. When it’s not too busy you can even find a pretty beach and you may be lucky enough to have it to yourself!



There are no cars on Rottnest so cycling is definitely the best way to get around; the length of the island is around 10k (straight through the middle). Bikes can be hired from either the ferry companies or on the island. Bare in mind Rottnest is pretty hilly! There is beautiful scenery to take in on the island, from the Salt Lakes to the many beaches, and all of the cute spots in between.



At the end of my time I got round to doing a scenic flight on a beautiful sunny day. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done! 10 minutes was enough but you can do longer if you would like, it cost $45 and was definitely worth it! The island from above is insanely beautiful and it really made me appreciate my time there even more.

A few other things to do in Rotto include Segway tours, catching a train to the Oliver Hill Battery and War Tunnels (great view from that hill! Cycling not recommended), visit the Rottnest Movies and Mini Golf, The Country Club for some proper golf, and Hotel Rottnest and Karma Rottnest for some great entertainment, food and drink. Gov’s Bar at Karma Rottnest is also a lot of fun and a main hub for the island. Rottnest hosts many events throughout the year. There is the channel swim, Rottofest, Castaway and more so definitely check them out if you can!

One last thing to mention is that even though these days Rottnest Island is a busy tourist attraction, it once had a powerful history. The island was used as an aboriginal prison for many years and there is a large burial ground; it is important to pay respect to this area. Some of the rooms available at Karma Rottnest are even converted prison cells! These offer basic accommodation and are referred to as The Quod. Check out the island Museum or ask one of the volunteer guides to learn more about this.

If you’re over in Western Australia definitely head over to Rottnest. Take a tip from me, on Tuesday’s the ferry with Rottnest Express is about half the price of the normal fare as its Telethon Tuesdays!

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