Singapore- My experience of “The Fine City” ??

This is what I got up to during my time in Singapore!

I spent about 6 nights in Singapore, which is quite a lot considering it’s such a small place. I was kind of in limbo as I was awaiting my Australian visa, so I stayed a little longer than I originally planned. Singapore is an amazing city, but it is also referred to as “The Fine City”. You can literally get fined for a number of reasons. Singapore is very strict; chewing gum is banned, jaywalking is illegal, and you can get fined for feeding pigeons. Walking naked in your own home is illegal, bet you didn’t know that!

There’s quite a bit to do in Singapore and it’s such a pretty place! I was solo travelling and unfortunately didn’t meet any other backpackers so I didn’t get up to as much as I would’ve liked. I hope to revisit and do a bit more in the future. One of the main attractions in Singapore is Marina Bay Sands. I did get to visit this but didn’t stay, I hope I’ll get to one day!

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5 of my favourite tips for a solo traveller (and some ways to save $$$)! 

Tips for solo travellers with some ways to save money!

When heading off on a new solo adventure, it’s always nice to do your research and get some second hand knowledge and tips from other travellers. Stories and experiences told by others can both inspire us. They can point us in the right direction to ensure we get the best out of our experience as possible. I read blog posts and articles with recommendations and tips before I set off; now I want to share some of the things I’ve picked up since my travels. I am going to share 5 with you now, and another 5 in a future post. Enjoy reading!

1- Use apps to help you meet like minded people and fellow travellers

Since solo travelling I have used some great apps for both meeting new people and to use as a platform to share tips. Backpackr ( is a fab app where you can post ideas and questions for fellow travellers to help you with. You can reach out to people nearby, and find travel buddies. Although I have not met anyone from Backpackr yet, I have used it to chat to people who I now have on Facebook. It is fun and interesting to witness other people’s adventures and follow their journeys. I hope to use it in the future to find people to travel with who have the same plans as me! This is a fairly new app but it is continuing to grow. Once more people use it the better it will get.

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Kuala Lumpur – One of my favourite cities so far ?

Some of the reasons I love Kuala Lumpur!

Kuala Lumpur, or KL as it is otherwise known is the capital city of Malaysia and an amazing place to visit. Malaysia’s population is divided into three main nationalities; Malay, Chinese and Indian, and due to this there is a huge amount of culture. The city is obviously very built up and modern, but it has a lot of beautiful greenery and palm trees everywhere as well. It’s clean and very cheap for a backpacker, and the people are just so lovely. I actually stayed with a malaysian family for a bit of my time there and they were so amazingly lovely and helpful, meeting them has been a highlight of my trip.

Malaysia has a hot climate so a tip from me to be would to stay at an Airbnb with a rooftop pool, there are loads to choose from and you can get some great deals! There’s loads to do if you want to get out and explore the city, here are some of the things I did during my time there..

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