Kuala Lumpur – One of my favourite cities so far ?

Some of the reasons I love Kuala Lumpur!

Kuala Lumpur, or KL as it is otherwise known is the capital city of Malaysia and an amazing place to visit. Malaysia’s population is divided into three main nationalities; Malay, Chinese and Indian, and due to this there is a huge amount of culture. The city is obviously very built up and modern, but it has a lot of beautiful greenery and palm trees everywhere as well. It’s clean and very cheap for a backpacker, and the people are just so lovely. I actually stayed with a malaysian family for a bit of my time there and they were so amazingly lovely and helpful, meeting them has been a highlight of my trip.

Malaysia has a hot climate so a tip from me to be would to stay at an Airbnb with a rooftop pool, there are loads to choose from and you can get some great deals! There’s loads to do if you want to get out and explore the city, here are some of the things I did during my time there..

Batu Caves

Just outside the city area you’ll find the Batu Caves. These caves are a place of worship for the Hindu people so be respectful when you visit. The Batu Caves is a beautiful tourist attraction and a place where you can learn about the Hindu culture and religion, see some wild monkeys, and take in the views. I also did a tour through a dark cave which was interesting as they explained about the nature and animals living there and the hundreds of species in the caves.


Petaling Street / Chinatown 

Petaling Street is a great place to head if you’re shopping for some bargains or want to try some tasty street food. I didn’t buy any of the fares on offer (knock off designer brands, electricals etc.) but I did try some amazing street food, or hawker food as its otherwise known. Some of the best I had in Asia!



The Petronas Towers / Twin Towers

The Petronas Towers are an iconic image of Kuala Lumpur and one of the main attractions. The Towers are home to a shopping mall, offices, and more, and you can walk across the bridge connecting the towers for a great view of KL. Just outside the towers in KLCC Park, a water light show is on display in the evenings, make your way down there for the show!

There’s loads more stuff to do in KL, you can visit the KL Tower for a great 360 degree view of the city, visit the botanical gardens and the bird park, take the tourist bus for a trip around all of the amazing buildings and architecture  in the city, and much more. The shopping in KL is crazy, they have so many malls! I went to Pavillion and I would recommend it, it was huge and literally had everything! From high end designer brands to cheap places for bargain hunters, and all the well known high street shops in between.

KL was one of my fave places, it was so cheap (backpackers hostels, food and drink etc.), there was loads to do, its full of culture and the Malaysian people are so friendly! Definitely visit if you get the chance!

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