Krabi- My highlights

Krabi is a province in the south west of Thailand, and is quite a popular destination for both holiday goers and backpackers. The main part of Krabi is Aonang which is where I stayed, although Krabi Town is also a popular spot, it’s just further away from the beaches. I really enjoyed my time in Krabi and it was one of my favourite places I visited whilst in Thailand; the reasons for this are the nightlife, and Railey Beach. 
Aonang’s nightlife is small, but highly enjoyable. There is a main strip near the beach full of restaurants, hotels, and shops, and just next to that is a small square of bars. They are your typical Thai bars, offering you cheap drink deals and playing the best of mainstream music. Aonang can be seedy as on top of these bars are some strip clubs, but if you’re not into that then just avoid them and you’ll be just fine. Also above the bars is a Ladyboys Cabaret show named Blue Dragon. I did go to this and it was certainly an experience, there were only five of us in the audience! They did however put on a good show and I did laugh most of the way through, here’s a picture from after the show.    

My friends and I were also very drunk this night and decided to indulge ourselves in a typical touristy Thai hat. Not sure anyone really wears these?! But we thought it was funny at the time! Here’s me with one of the Ladyboys ?. 

Back to daytime activities. 

Krabi has some great beaches but Railey Beach really is the most popular. You have to get a long boat there and there is nothing there except from maybe one or two resorts, so that makes it a nice peaceful spot for tourists to relax on. Boats only run at certain times of the day and I believe the last trip back is at around 6-6.30pm so be sure to plan your day. When I was there the tide was out and it was very shallow so you couldn’t do much swimming, but it was still beautiful. Just a tip, if you are planning of staying at one of the resorts, be mindeful of your luggage and how you’re packing it. As mentioned you can only get there by long boat, and when the tide is out the boat stops quite far out, so you may have to walk to shore in water anywhere up to your waist. I saw women with suitcases panicking about how they were going to get their luggage to shore! Here’s a picture I took whilst at Railey Beach. 

I personally didn’t really spend anytime at Aonang beach, however some of my friends did and they liked it. They did mention however that there were loads of small crabs scurrying about the sand; hence the name Krabi I suppose! When our boat got back from Railey Beach it was sunset on Aonang Beach, so I did take some pictures. 


I stayed at Aonang Resotel which was about 5 minutes Tuk Tuk ride from the main area, however the hotel did offer free rides in their Tuk Tuk up until 7pm. Our room was really spacious and clean and the staff were nice, I’d recommend it if you’re ever that way. 
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