Phuket- Patong Beach area

Phuket is another destination in Thailand that is popular with backpackers, but also very popular with holiday goers and tourists as well. There is a fair bit to do in Phuket, there’s Patong Beach (although it’s very busy) where you can do water sports, a nearby water park, a shopping mall with cinema, bowling, karaoke etc and a load of restaurants, and plenty to do in the evening. Phuket is popular with families for this reason so some backpackers would choose to avoid it. 

Phukets nightlife is a bit crazy. Bangla Road is the main strip full of bars, however it is very seedy as almost every bar has pole dancers both inside and out.

 As in Bangkok, there are also men trying to get you to visit a Ping Pong show whilst you are there. My friends and I actually did this just for the entertainment and shock factor, and although it was an experience, I certainly do not recommend it! Although it’s free, they charge you really high prices for drinks (we haggled and only paid what we wanted to), and the show was just jaw droppingly gross. The bar was mostly filled with other travellers there for the experience, but there were also men with prostitutes so it was a bit uncomfortable. I think Phuket is generally like that though! 

For a more family friendly night out, there are a few different cabaret options and different shows to see; we went to Simon Cabaret which was a ladyboys show and it was really good. The Beyoncé was amazing! Unfortunately you’re not allowed to take pictures. 

My friends and I visited Phuket Town one day and went to the 3D Trick Eye Musuem. There are a few of these in Thailand but they are really good and you can take some great pictures! Here’re some of my faves from the day. 


 Overall I had a good time partying in Phuket, but I wouldn’t go there again. If you’ve been what did you think? 



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