Koh Phangan- Home of the Full Moon Party

Koh Phangan is probably on every backpacker who is visiting Thailand’s bucket list (get it? ?). It’s home to the Full Moon Party, Half Moon Party, Jungle Party, Waterfall party, you name it there’s a party. There are of course Full Moon parties in other parts of Thailand, but Koh Phangan is the original. 

The main party area of the island is Haad Rin, as far as I’m aware the rest of the island is fairly peaceful. The streets of Haad Rin are lined with bars, restaurants and fast food outlets, as well as a few shops selling alcohol and of course the famous Full Moon tie dye attire. 

When the sun goes down you’ll find music blaring, and stools selling buckets with all kinds of alcoholic mixtures for you to devour. A lot of alcohol and ice combined with a mixer of your choice, plus a bottle of the Thai, speed like, red bull syrup stuff they have over there and you’re good to go. Do be careful though and don’t over do it, you hear a lot of horror stories about tourists who have had accidents or worse due to being out of their head drunk from buckets. 

Excuse our drunkeness in the below picture but it’s the only one I could find to showcase our buckets ?.


A short walk through the streets of Haad Rin brings you to the beach, which at a Full Moon party is inhabited by tens of thousands of drunken tourists all out for a good time. All the bars are going crazy, and you can hear different genres of music to suit all tastes as you make your way along the shore; Dubstep, Reggae, commercial, the lot. There are fire shows, fire slides, fire limbo, fire skipping and any other games they can make more fun and daring by setting it on fire. 

Koh Phangan is also home to Mushroom Mountain, a trippy bar (literally, there’s lots of stairs LOL) where you can really escape reality and delve into the world of Magic Mushrooms. I did do this whilst I was in Koh Phangan, however personally I did not like it. I don’t like mushrooms at the best of times, especially blended up into a “shake”, hallucinogenic or not. I didn’t really feel any effects from it, and the taste and texture just made me sick. My friends however did enjoy it so it’s not all bad, each to their own. 
Below is a picture taken from Mushroom Mountain. 


I went to the Full Moon party for New Years Eve, so it was the craziest one of them all. I did have a fab time and it is so much fun covering yourself in UV paint and going crazy for the night. NYE was extra special as of course there were fireworks and everyone was in good spirits. If you’re in Thailand I would definitely recommend going to a Full Moon party, keep a good eye on your belongings and stay safe and you’ll definitely have an awesome time. Don’t forget the UV paint! 




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