Kanchanaburi- My two day tour

What I got up to in Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is a historical province north west of Bangkok; there are loads of places in the area for you to visit. You can book one, two or three days tours which include loads of activities and places to see. I went on a two day, one night tour which included transfers to and from my hotel in Bangkok, accommodation and the activities. They do also ask you to pay entrance fees on top of this for some places as well.

We started off by visiting the Damnoensaduak Floating Market which I loved, it was a great experience and something really interesting to see. You should definitely visit one if you ever get the chance in Asia! I didn’t buy much, just a photo album but I can’t wait to fill it up once I get home from my travels.

After that we visited the Jeath War Museum and the railway bridge over the River Kwai.

It was interesting to learn about how Kanchanaburi was used during WW2, and to learn more about how the prisoners were forced to build the railway bridge. After the museum trip we took a ride on death railway and had a little tour of the River Kwai.

We then went back to spend the night at our accommodation which was a floating house further down the river. That was an experience as the bedroom shook whenever a boat went past!


It was definitely not the best accommodation we’d encountered on our travels but it was all part of the experience. The next day we did bamboo rafting down the river. We didn’t do much though, the boys leading us spent most of the time playing around with each other and jumping in the river in their clothes! We then went to visit elephants.

I did feel uneasy whilst visiting the elephants; there are bad stories about how they’re looked after in Thailand. I didn’t really want to ride them because I felt sorry for them. Not just because of where they were, but just for elephants in general. However I was encouraged to do so by both my friends and the guys at the elephant camp; they thought I was just too scared to get on them and kept pushing me to get on. It was an experience but I won’t be doing it again just for my own personal peace of mind.

After the ride we went into the river with the elephants for elephant washing, although we didn’t really wash them it was more just playing with them. With the tours you can choose different places to add on to the trip if you want to, such as visiting Tiger Temple or a waterfall. We did not want to visit Tiger Temple. None of us really like the idea of it and the way the tigers are treated, they are sedated so tourists can take pictures and it all seems a bit wrong in my opinion. It was a cold but good few days!

Let me know if you’ve been on this trip!



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