Singapore- My experience of “The Fine City” ??

This is what I got up to during my time in Singapore!

I spent about 6 nights in Singapore, which is quite a lot considering it’s such a small place. I was kind of in limbo as I was awaiting my Australian visa, so I stayed a little longer than I originally planned. Singapore is an amazing city, but it is also referred to as “The Fine City”. You can literally get fined for a number of reasons. Singapore is very strict; chewing gum is banned, jaywalking is illegal, and you can get fined for feeding pigeons. Walking naked in your own home is illegal, bet you didn’t know that!

There’s quite a bit to do in Singapore and it’s such a pretty place! I was solo travelling and unfortunately didn’t meet any other backpackers so I didn’t get up to as much as I would’ve liked. I hope to revisit and do a bit more in the future. One of the main attractions in Singapore is Marina Bay Sands. I did get to visit this but didn’t stay, I hope I’ll get to one day!

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