5 of my favourite tips for a solo traveller (and some ways to save $$$)! 

Tips for solo travellers with some ways to save money!

When heading off on a new solo adventure, it’s always nice to do your research and get some second hand knowledge and tips from other travellers. Stories and experiences told by others can both inspire us. They can point us in the right direction to ensure we get the best out of our experience as possible. I read blog posts and articles with recommendations and tips before I set off; now I want to share some of the things I’ve picked up since my travels. I am going to share 5 with you now, and another 5 in a future post. Enjoy reading!

1- Use apps to help you meet like minded people and fellow travellers

Since solo travelling I have used some great apps for both meeting new people and to use as a platform to share tips. Backpackr (http://www.backpackr.org/) is a fab app where you can post ideas and questions for fellow travellers to help you with. You can reach out to people nearby, and find travel buddies. Although I have not met anyone from Backpackr yet, I have used it to chat to people who I now have on Facebook. It is fun and interesting to witness other people’s adventures and follow their journeys. I hope to use it in the future to find people to travel with who have the same plans as me! This is a fairly new app but it is continuing to grow. Once more people use it the better it will get.

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I’ve got the travel bug, I can’t come to work today 

Travel bug?

So since packing my things and leaving home this year to travel the big unknown, I’ve seen amazing cultures and had fantastic experiences; my current life goal is to just do more of this. It’s what has inspired me to create this blog and keep an online diary of my journey. Of course I’m not the only one. Look online or on Instagram and there are hundreds and thousands of people doing exactly the same thing. Travelling seems to be the new in thing.

Whether it’s referred to as the travel bug, wanderlust, coddiwomple or something else enticing, we all have the same feeling. What exactly is that feeling though? In my eyes it’s a fear of routine, a fear of the mundane commonplace of work then home and so on. It’s the fear of leading an unfulfilling life and letting your years pass you by. (I am Sagittarius after all!) We all aim to travel the world in order to have beautiful adventures, and to give our life some further meaning.

I love and miss my hometown and of course my family and friends. However, whether I go home tomorrow or in ten years from now, I know not much, if not nothing will have changed.

There isn’t really a purpose to this post. I was just thinking about all the people earning a living, and living that life to the full by travelling full time. Whether it be blogging, photography, marketing or whatever, they really do seem to have made the ideal life choice. Of course that’s just my opinion. Not everyone feels the urge to wander around in unknown cities, and lost in translation with locals from a culture so different from your own. For me I see that as making the most of the life we have been given.

The world is so small yet so big at the same time; I want to witness all it has to offer. Hopefully one day I can create myself a career out of doing what I love. I want to visit everywhere on my bucket list. I wish the best of luck to everyone currently doing that and truly hope they find success.

Due to the growth of social media in recent years, there are more opportunities these days to immerse yourself in admiration for new destinations. Not only that, social media has allowed us to engage in a richer travel experience than ever before. From meeting other travellers online, sharing experiences and recommendations, and sharing photos and memories that will last a lifetime. I am grateful to be in my 20’s in a time where learning about the world has never been so easy.

This has been nothing but a rambly post, so thank you for taking the time to read it.



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My first post and introduction to A Girl Around The Globe ?

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to see the world and work in the travel industry. From being on a package holiday in Spain with my family as a child, and seeing the reps in their brightly coloured t shirts with their golden tans, smiling as they greet the holiday goers or enthusiastically offering excursions to the tourists; to visiting destinations such as Paris and New York and feeling like I was in a movie set. I have always felt like the world offers more than just the standard 9-5 in your hometown and all inclusive holidays to just soak up some sun (I’m not bashing those, they are enjoyable and I’ve had great holidays like that, they just rarely offer much culture). 

During my late teens and early 20’s I was always thinking about going travelling and just leaving my home of England to explore for a while, but it always seemed slightly out of reach. It was hard to save money or I felt bad leaving a job, but then when I was 22 the time seemed right. It’s now or never. Myself and 3 friends booked our flights to Bangkok (mine being one way) in March 2015, and Boxing Day was when the day finally rolled round for us to leave. With our way too overpacked and heavy backpacks weighing us down, we tearfully left our friends and family for the airport and for a new, adventurous life. 

It has now been just over 3 months, and I am currently solo travelling and have found a job working (and living here too) on the beautiful Rottnest Island, Western Australia. As there’s not much here I have plenty of spare time and thought now would be the perfect time to start this blog. 

On this trip I have visited Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and now Australia. When I eventually leave the wonderful Australia I plan to visit New Zealand, Indonesia, maybe Laos, re visit Thailand, and then who knows where! I hope you enjoy my posts, and I would love to hear about your experiences and opinions. 

Thank you




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