Bangkok – Khao San Road

Party party party?-

Crazy Bangkok. 

Bangkok was the first destination on my backpacking trip through South East Asia, as it is for many other backpackers. It can be a bit of a culture shock, but nevertheless it’s a great place to start your trip. You can party hard if you want to, relax if you want to, and sight see if you want to do that as well (who wouldn’t?!). 

I stayed on Khao San Road which I guess is probably the backpacking hub of Bangkok. 
 It’s ok by day but as the sun goes down the craziness starts. The road is lined with bars, market stools, a few shops, and many promotors trying to drag to to see pussy at a ping pong show, or small Thai women trying to entice you into buying and eating their fried insects. Sorry love but that salted scorpion is not for me.. My friends on the other hand were clearly braver than me and did try this “delicacy”. They lived to regret it. 

Sorry for the image quality, but check out that hair!! 

Bangkok was also where I experienced my first bucket, a rite of passage for any backpacker travelling through SE Asia. On my first night I had some form of vodka concoction in a bucket, as well as some quite delicious Pad Thai from the street. We also went to a rooftop bar and had a fabulous time. So if you’re a backpacker in Bangkok, you need to go to Khao San Road for a crazy night; balloons and prostitutes are also on offer if you’re into that kind of thing. 


I was in Bangkok on two occasions during my time in Thailand, and ended up staying on Khao San Road twice. Obviously it is a bit crazy and can therefore be noisy, but there are ways around this if you still want to stay here but also appreciate a good nights sleep. We first stayed at The D&D Inn, which as far as I know is quite famous and popular with backpackers due to its central location on Khao San Road. We booked this when we first booked our trip to Asia so I can’t exactly remember the cost, but I think we paid £10-£15 each per night. Not exactly cheap for Thailand but I guess you’re paying for the location as well. 

We had a room in The D&D Inn which had no windows ( I know, prison cell comes to mind right?), but this was actually good as there was no noise from the street. They were in the middle of doing some construction in the main lobby/reception area of the hotel whilst I was there, so it looked a bit shit but it didn’t affect my stay. We spent hungover mornings by the small but adequate and refreshing rooftop pool, and used the rest of our time to explore more of Bangkok. Overall if you’re not looking for luxury and just want somewhere to rest your drunken head, I would recommend The D&D Inn.

During my second visit to Bangkok, I again stayed on Khao San Road but this time at Khao San Palace. Although it’s clearly not a palace, it was probably the best hotel I stayed in during my backpacking time in Asia. The reasons for this are that it was reasonably priced, (I think £13 each a night? Not sure), our room (which I think was called the Scarlett room) was the first I’d come across after a month travelling with a decent shower cubicle as oppose to wet room, with nice hot water and a decent shower head. Sounds silly but you learn to appreciate these luxuries whilst backpacking.

The beds were the comfiest I’d stayed in, there was a good tv, air con, breakfast and mini bar. The noise from the street wasn’t too bad either and again they had a rooftop pool. You could also leave your bags in storage if you needed to really cheaply as well which I did make use of one night when I was staying elsewhere. I loved Khao San Palace. They also had a lower standard of room which I stayed in one night which was noisier and more basic, but still just as comfortable. 



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  1. Hello Gemma! Love your blog! I am heading to Thailand in June and am yet to have a full plan on where I will be going while I’m there. 😀 Like many others, I will just go with the flow but I do know that I will mostly explore the Northern parts and Bangkok. I won’t be going to see the islands as I’ll be doing lots of that (beaches) next month in the Philippines.

    My trip to Thailand will be my first solo backpacking adventure and I would love to hear about how much you spent per day while you were in Bangkok. I have read tons of blogs about tourists’ daily expenditures in Thailand but I reckon it’d be best to hear it from the latest traveller.

    I hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

    P.S. I’ve been living in Perth for a while now but I have never been to Rottnest Island! You’re lucky! 🙂

    1. Hi there! Thank you for your comment 🙂 I’m not really sure how much I spent to be honest, about 600-700 baht on accommodation (but I was sharing a hotel with friends not a hostel), food is cheap and drink is cheap as well. Oh really? You should visit Rottnest it’s lovely! Have an amazing time travelling, the Philippines sound lovely! x

      1. Thanks!? No worries, I’m just a little worried about how much money to bring.

        Yes, Philippines is lovely! My family and I will be staying in Camiguin Island–the second smallest island in the country!? Here’s hoping you’ll get the chance to visit Philippines in your future travels. ?

          1. That sounds amazing! I’m not planning on dining at expensive restaurants. I’m more interested in trying out what real locals eat e.g. Street foods and/or cooking. I can understand why lots of tourists will head to the islands/beaches but it’s just not my cup of tea. I grew up close to the beach in the Philippines. Our house is roughly 300-400 metres from the water!? It doesn’t mean I don’t live the beaches. ?

            Perth, costs a lot!? I’ve been living in Rockingham Area for over three years now and it’s high time my daughter and I go home!?

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