5 things to do if you’re on a budget in Melbourne!

You’ve made your way to Melbourne, now what to do?

Australia can be pretty expensive if you’re not earning the $$$, and Melbourne is definitely no exception. During my time here I have come up with 5 fun things to do if you find yourself squeezing out that last drop of Goon, and saving all of your 5 cents (we’ve all been there).

1. Asian Beer Cafe

Asian Beer Cafe is a quirky bar based in Melbourne Central Shopping Mall, with an outside balcony overlooking Swanston Street and the State Victoria Library. It has a really quirky decor, filled with Buddhas, funky wallpaper depicting the streets of somewhere like Tokyo, and even Hello Kitty and floral themed toilets. They do fantastic cheap food, with Pizzas starting at just $5, and other meals for around $10. The Chicken Katsu Curry is one of my faves!

The atmosphere in the evening is great as they host amazing DJ’s and are open until 1am. My tip is to get there before 8pm before happy hour ends, and score yourself some $8 jugs of beer. Bargain or what!

2. Nova Cinema on a Monday

Who doesn’t love going to the movies? We all do right, and with Melbourne’s unpredictable weather sometimes a day at the cinema is perfect. Nova Cinema in Carlton is the cheapest cinema in Melbourne on a Monday, with films before 4pm just $7, and only $9 after! Considering movie tickets are normally around $20 that’s a massive saving. Find out more info and what’s on here.

3. The ACMI

I’ve already mentioned the Australian Centre for Moving Image in another post here, but I wanted to mention it again in this post because I had heaps of fun there and it’s free. The interactive displays are great, and if you’re into film and media you can really learn some cool stuff. I’ve never really been fascinated by it but even I found it a great way to spend a few hours.

4. Strike on Sundays

Strike Bowling is a great place to have a few laughs with your mates. It’s a bowling alley but they also have Karaoke, giant games, a bar and some good food. If you go on a Sunday and spend $6 at the bar (which is like one drink ya know) you get a game of bowling for free. Grab some food and some beers and you can spend all night playing for free! Deffo something fun to do if you’re a but short on cash and don’t feel like having a Sunday Sesh. Find out where the nearest Strike to you is here.

5. City Circle Tram

Melbourne CBD’s free tram zone is great and so convenient so get around. For a free tour of the CBD and an informative commentary with your ride hop on the number 35 City Circle Tram. This historic tram stops at all of the major sights and attractions, and gives you handy facts about each place. It’s a nice way to familiarise yourself with the city if you’re new to the area, or to give you some ideas on where to go in the future.

This image is not my own, I got it from https://www.flickr.com/photos/deanmelbourne/3436843423 .

If you’ve got any more ideas share them below!




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